Sales Transformation

Our customer is a B2B service provider and one-stop-shop. The company grew over a buy & build strategy. Increasing revenue from existing accounts is the biggest revenue driver in the investment case. The sales & account mgmt. function works very informal, meaning that processes and tools are not used to their full potential. We have been asked to upgrade it to a state-off-the-art department.

We analysed the current situation and identified pain points and gaps to be closed. We then started and implemented a transformation program with a wide range of activities (CRM upgrade, Monitoring dashboard, Training document/ Blueprint, Battlecards, Quotation centralization, Off-loading operational tasks, NPS introduction) and included the wider sales & account mgmt. organization with us on that journey to create needed buy-in.

The sales & account mgmt. organization has embraced the new way of working. The Monitoring dashboard helped to reduce workload (e.g. offload operations tasks) and prioritize actions (e.g. which opportunities to invest more time to close). The Head of the department can steer better on data insights and a clear governance has been introduced to ensure the new way of working is sustainably embedded. As a main result, the size of the pipeline has increased.