Data & Digital Tooling

Building and connecting the right data to enable data driven steering and upgrading/ implementing digital automation tools to increase process effectiveness

Optimise data, enhance insights!
  • Enhanced Monitoring & Control: Improve business insights which helps to pro-actively identify and solve issues in your business
  • Improved forecasting: Increase data accuracy of historic and current data which enables to forecast more reliable
  • Data driven steering: Steer your teams’ actions on operational level with the help of data teams’ actions on operational level (e.g. salesforce effectiveness, customer conversions, supplier performance)
  • Clean, connect and centralise data to enable increased data insights and possibility to connect different insights
  • Create personalised insights and dashboards that help your business leaders to steer their teams more effective & efficient
  • Create processes and governance that ensure your teams are also working with the increased data insights to create value
  1. Understand available data
  2. Create single source of truth
  3. Understand business requirements
  4. Select & Implement data tool
  5. Create valuable and steerable insights reports
Improve workflows, enhance efficiencies!​
  • Efficiency & Time Savings: Include workflows to reduce time investment, process errors and focus human interaction where they add value
  • Streamline Processes: Streamline workflows to be consistent, enable central steering & scalability and reduce process errors 
  • Increase Data Insights: Enable data driven steering of each part of the digitalised processes, enabling faster & better decision making 
  • Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM)
  • Marketing automation tools (e.g. E-Mail automation)
  • Procurement tools
  • Pricing tools
  • Data tools (e.g. PowerBI)
  1. Understand your business needs and requirements
  2. Select the right tool based on your needs
  3. Implement/ upgrade the tool
  4. Support throughout go-live phase
  5. Install monitoring & support

Supported Digital Tools