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Create lasting impact

Impulssum is a management consulting firm that combines a top-tier consulting approach with hands-on and pragmatic execution experience. We focus on increasing customer centricity whilst becoming an integral part of our clients’ management teams. We operate both on C-level, to set strategic direction, as well as on ground level, to get things done.
How we work
Our experience shows that a combination of the typical consulting approach, paired with a pragmatic & people centred approach is most impactful

Top tier consulting approach

  • Structured and targeted problem solving approach
  • Data driven way of working
  • Theoretical & thoughtful solution development
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Hands on & pragmatic

  • Our output is impact not slides
  • We listen & work collaboratively with our clients
  • We are pragmatic, with feasible execution in mind
Our core beliefs
Work together Consulting Value Based Pricing
Collaborate seamlessly
  • Work through true partnership between us & our clients
  • Create lasting impact by getting everybody on board
  • Jointly drive the project forward, iteration by iteration
Data driven Marketing Value Based Pricing Consulting
Be data-driven
  • Connect quantitative and qualitative data points
  • Identify key takeaways and options from data
  • Prepare management decisions
Listen to customer Value Based Pricing
Listen to customers
  • Identify customer needs
  • Implement continuous listening
  • Identify positioning and improvement potentials
Why we are different

We pride ourselves with a 100% customer repeat rate
(more than 1 project) driven by:

Value for money

We deliver
measurable impact

This success formula contains 4 pillars
1. High quality staff

Top tier management consultants at competitive rates

2. More senior team

Considerable senior staffing on any project, and no juniors

3. Staffing

We perform projects also with part-time staffing (adjusting to your needs)

4. Longer timeline

And we know that change management takes time

Ready to create lasting impact
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