Make It Stick!

With our iterative and engaging approach, we will guide your organisation on the change journey from day one. To ensure lasting impact, we concentrate on enhancing 4 key change areas: processes, tools, data insights, and people behavior

How to make it stick?

In our experience, companies often have difficulties to translate presentations from consultants into actionable change. It is very important to engage and include the parts of your organisation that will need to deliver the change we initiated from day one. We are hence working iteratively, as a Staff function as a Service to ensure maximum buy-in from your organisation. Furthermore, there are 4 parts that we incorporate in all our projects to ensure the change that we initiated also sticks after we have finalised our project.

Improve Processes

  • Workflow Analysis: Identifying inefficiencies in processes
  • Design: Finding standardisation potential and develop new processes
  • Implementation: Ensuring system connectivity and automation
  • Post-Implementation: Ensuring training and adjusted decision making using new processes

Improve Tooling

  • Expertise: Scanning of the  tool landscape
  • Research: Finding the right tool for the clients’ purposes
  • Implementation: Enhancing process efficiency through automation
  • Learning: Ensuring documentation and training of stakeholders
  • Monitoring & Control: Implementing proper monitoring
  • Analysis: Analysing existing data structures & connectivity
  • Business Requirements: Identifying business requirements for insights & monitoring
  • Formatting: Visualising the necessary monitoring requirements
  • Enhance: Improving data connectivity and introduce new data collection workflows
  • Building & Implementation: Building  the dashboard with the data insights and train employees

Change People's Behavior

  • Change Management: Making changes in people’s behavior takes time, the right mindset is key
  • Pragmatic: Establishing a two-way approach between client and impulssum is of importance from the start
  • Identify Internal Change Leaders: Ensuring that changes are made is done through leading by example of influential people
  • Personalised Approach: Tailoring the methods to internal needs, monitoring progress and celebrating success are part of the process