Marketing Spend Optimization

The client’s key Account Managers needed an easy tool for planning and forecasting promos during negotiations with customers that could help determine the best consumer price and optimize our client’s investment while at the same time keeping the customer happy.

We started by working with the client to identify the data needs and determine the best metrics to evaluate promotions. As a next step we built analyses around the aligned metrics and available data and then consolidated the analysis and results in an easy-to-use tool according to the wishes and needs of the Key Account Managers who would be using the tool. We then finalized the tool in an iterative co-creation effort with the Key Account Managers.

Via our co-creation process, we were able to develop a promotion tool that people understand and are happy to use, and that fulfill their needs. In addition, using the tool created a better relationship of the Key Account Managers with their customers by enabling a data-supported promo negotiation. Our fee were earned back with a factor 8 in the first year of use of the tool.