Price List Update

Our client is market leader in a B2C industry. This specific market had been under a lot of changes due to Covid (high prices, little supply). When prices dropped again and supply normalized, the market was very dynamic which required a smooth price list creation process which our project needed to deliver. The process used in the past was centred around 1 person and took several weeks. Timelines till high season were also challenging.

We started by understanding the underlying data and processes. We designed a new pricing logic and process together with the wider commercial team developed a tool that allows to set margin expectations per product and customer incl. a view on expected budget achievement. Once prices were aligned, they could easily be uploaded into the ERP system. Next to installing a pricing board we also documented everything and trained several people in the new process

We met the tight timelines to be operationally ready once the high season started. The price list can now be updated in days if needed. The pricing board indicates when the market or supply requires or allows to change price lists.

A set of 3-5 people are now able and knowledgeable to update the prices. The commercial organization knows how to use it and were able to perform the next update without any support from us, hence they were all ready to use the new tool.