Digital Lead Generation

Our customer is a producer and well known in the industry as the gold. Whilst the business already successfully serviced commercial and residential clients, our customer identified a new & growing market segment with substantial opportunity. A new innovative product was launched, and a new approach to successfully address & unlock this segment was needed.

We reviewed their strategic approach for the new segment in detail and defined a workstream to develop all the required building blocks. After a thorough review of available data & experience, we synthesized all results, developed behaviour driven customer segments, long-listed channels and specific touchpoints in the marketplace that can be intercepted with very targeted & needs-based marketing messaging, and built business cases for all campaigns.

Our goal was to define an approach that would allow our customer to structurally build, assess and quantitatively prioritize performance marketing campaigns, to ensure only the most successful campaign ideas get executed. The setup we developed was a new approach to them and will enable the team to make data-driven decisions on campaign execution, as well as continuously learn from results to become a strong performance marketing machine.