CRM Implementation

Our customer is a service provider who just went through a series of acquisitions. The sales & account mgmt. function works well, but have grown to a size in which documentation is becoming increasingly important. This meant that they were in a need of updating their CRM tool and the way it was being used (until then only used for pipeline).


We analysed their current way of working and visualized this in an end-2-end flow chart. We created their ideal workflow and created detailed use cases to define the business requirements in detail. The technical implementation which was performed by an integration partner was managed by us. Through User Acceptance Testing we ensured a smooth release into production and trained all users incl. delivering detailed documentation explaining the way to operate the new CRM system. Furthermore, monitoring was created to allow for active steering by the team and management.

The sales & account mgmt. organization has embraced the new way of working. By including the right data points into the CRM they are able to more effectively manage sales targets, forecasting and figure out where more potential within clients is to be found. The Head of the department can steer better on data insights and a clear governance has been introduced to ensure the new way of working is sustainably embedded. As a main result, the size and forecasting period of the pipeline has increased.