Packaging & Pricing

Our customer, a B2B business, came to us with a complex price list. The product portfolio grew historically and became too complex. Furthermore, the existing pricing driver allowed customers to share accounts, limiting the possibility to monetize fully. The aim was to transform the current pricing into a pricing model which creates up-sell and cross-sell paths and create a fair Value-for-Money positioning for our customer and their users alike.

We identified potential pricing drivers, analysed them, and decided on one. The product offering got simplified by introducing bundles and validated the underlying customer needs through quantitative and qualitative research. Prices were set taking acquisition potential and base migrations into account and all migration tools (Migration renewal quotation tool and communication collaterals) have been created and handed over to the team including monitoring.

The target of creating a simplified offering has been achieved. Sales has clear up-selling and cross-selling path they didn’t have before to execute on immediately.
Furthermore, management is fully equipped to migrate all customers. Longer term, password sharing will reduce consistently which will drive additional customer-led upside potential.