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Impulssum is a management consulting firm that combines a top-tier consulting approach with hands-on and pragmatic execution experience. We focus on increasing customer centricity whilst becoming an integral part of our clients’ management teams. We operate both on C-level, to set strategic direction, as well as on ground level, to get things done.
How we work
Our experience shows that a combination of the typical consulting approach, paired with a pragmatic & people centred approach is most impactful

Top tier consulting approach

  • Structured and targeted problem solving approach
  • Data driven way of working
  • Theoretical & thoughtful solution development
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Hands on & pragmatic

  • Our output is impact not slides
  • We listen & work collaboratively with our clients
  • We are pragmatic, with feasible execution in mind
Our Services
Insights dashboards
Insights Dashboards
    Increasing decision making through:
  • Sales effectiveness dashboard
  • Margin realization dashboard
  • Pricing dashboard
  • Procurement dashboard
Digital tools
    Lifting digital capabilities through:
  • CRM
  • E-Mail automation
  • Pricing tools
  • Promotion tools
Consulting Projects
    Realizing EBITDA impact through:
  • Sales effectveness projects
  • Marketing effectiveness projects
  • Pricing projects
  • Procurement projects
Our functional expertise
Gross Margin

Support to improve your top line and COGS

Gross Margin improvements include the following 4 functional areas
1. Sales Effectiveness

Example projects:
Increase salesforce effectiveness, create Account Mgmt. blueprint, Set-up cross-sell campaigns, Implement CRM tool

2. Marketing effect.

Example projects:
Design performance based campaigns, analyze proposition gaps, increase customer centricity, implement E-Mail automation tool

3. Pricing

Example projects:
Implement Value Based pricing, improve end-2-end pricing process, implement price increase, implement pricing tool

4. Procurement

Example projects:
Develop sourcing strategy, improve end-2-end procurement process, negotiate sourcing prices, implement procurement tool

Ready to create lasting impact
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