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We combine a top tier management consulting approach with a strong focus on increasing customer centricity while being an accepted part of our clients’ teams on management level and working level alike given our pragmatism/ realism.

Impulssum's vision is to create lasting impact for our customers. Impact in Latin is Impulsum. The name Impulssum derives from the combination of Impulse and Sum. An impulse in classical mechanics is the integral of a force, F (our projects), over the time interval, t (length of our projects), for which it acts. Impulse applied to an object (or company in our case) produces an equivalent vector change in its linear Momentum. We hence, try to set different impulses, where we aim that the sum of all these impulses create lasting impact for our clients.
Listen to customer Value Based Pricing
Listen to customers
Listening to the customers, is a core belief of our work. In our project work for our clients, we always aim to identify the needs that are most important to customers through customer research (both qualitative and quantitative). Likewise, we also try to understand the performance of our clients in delivering these needs to their customers and if possible also how that performance compares to the performance of the competition. We also help our clients to structurally collect the customer feedback for after our assignment has ended to set them up for future success. The collected customer insights help us together with a full commercial strategic market analysis to better understand not only the customer, but also market dynamics. We take that information for improving the outcome of our work, by for example identifying the ideal market positioning, but also identifying improvement programs to increase customer happiness to reduce churn.
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Work together Consulting Value Based Pricing
Work together
Partnering up with our clients and their employees is what enables us to create more impact than other consulting companies. We do not only want to build a good outside-in view, but combine that with an organizational reality check. It’s a pivotal part of our approach, as we try to assure that all our implementation proposals are for example fully bought in by the organization. Another focus of our project approach is that we try to identify internal resources during the project who can take over our work after the project and whom we can coach while stile being on the ground. Our implementation mindset also means we sometimes advocate more pragmatic solutions in our implementation plans, that may not represent the full ambition we want to set, however are realistic to be implemented and lived by the organization in the short term. We prefer an 80% solution that is implemented and creates impact over a 100% solution that is unreachable.
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Data driven Marketing Value Based Pricing Consulting
Be data driven
In today’s business, data is becoming an increasingly important element in our decision making processes. We aim at collecting and connecting as many data points that we can to guide the data driven decision process. We believe that discussions that can be based on data, should also be based on data. Connecting different data points is key to get a full picture that enables us to guide the discussions and decisions. We usually aim at connecting customer feedback, financial and competitive data together with organizational insights. Decision making in many organizations is usually based on opinionated discussions based on Senior Managements' experience. As much as we believe in data driven decision making, we also acknowledge that data is not the only way to make the right business decision as some factors cannot be captured with data. Hence, decisions can of course still be management ‘gut’ decisions, however discussions leading to these decisions should be based on available data.
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