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Coca Cola Europacific Partners

What they wanted:

A local entity of Coca Cola Europacific Partners wanted to take the next step in their maturity on Promotions. This included a more integrated process with Key Account Managers and the Revenue Management team, the possibility to forecast the performance of Promotions and creating a stronger link between financial forecasting and the performance of Promotions.


What we did

We build upon the already good status the team had, re-using the already existing promo database. We introduced the concept of a Triple Win (consumer, retailer and FMCG need to win) and improved the tooling to allow for configuration of individual Promos incl. forecasting of individual and collective Promo plans. Furthermore, we created a Blueprint for the upgraded Promotion process. All this closely developed with input from the Key Account Managers to ensure it adds value to their daily routine.


What we achieved

The collaborative approach ensured that Key Account Managers started using the new tool and guidelines and that Revenue Management and Key Account Managers worked much more closely together. Key Account Managers were able to optimize their promo investments, slot management, choice of promo packs, and consumer offers. Furthermore, we enabled Senior Management to make better decisions by being able to forecast different strategic scenarios before deciding on the best option.

"Impulssum created a set of easy to use tools for us, enabling timely data-driven strategic decision-making for both Sr Leadership and Key Account Managers. They were able to get buy-in from all stakeholders and establish ongoing flow of information between our different teams." – Nicklas Sandström, Assistant Director Strategy and Insights
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