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What they wanted:

Our client is a market leader in its home market with a premium product offering, challenged by new market entrants with low price digitized offers​. Growth ambitions were mainly set in new market segments & regions. The client's main question: How to secure market leadership & margins in the home market, and realize growth ambitions in new markets?​

What we did

We started with quantitative client research, strategic market analysis and analyzed the product cost basis​. This was followed by identification of new Customer Value Propositions, driving digitization further and enhancing perceived customer value. We created the full transformation implementation plan, identified project managers and handed over to the team.

What we achieved

We delivered the project in scope, on time & in budget. Company repositioning was embraced ​by the Executive Management Team. W initiated the bigger Customer Centricity activities (e.g. Quality optimization program, Product Roadmap, Value Communication) and initiated activities to realize 0.3% Revenue ​and 10.1% EBITDA increase within 2 years​​

We could not have asked for a better team, structuring our problems effectively, designing the strategy and an execution plan to get this transformation underway. Well done Impulssum!" – CONFIDENTIAL
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