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Pricing Digital Tooling

What they wanted

As a Global leader in aluminium coil coating products, supplies key stakeholders in building projects, as well as vehicle producers.The business has a premium positioning in the market and wanted to further align its operations with the value customers receive.

What we did

We started with internal interviews of all key stakeholders and quickly crystallized out key value drivers for the business' customers. We shortlisted the main ones, performed internal data analysis to develop hypotheses, and confirmed these with customer interviews. Levels for each driver were developed and prices were aligned with the value received by the customer. We implemented the new logic & monitoring capabilities for continuous testing & learning.

What we achieved

By implementing a pragmatic and easy-to-use pricing logic, we helped create a win-win situation with better business results for the business, and increased customer centricity resulting in being closer to what the customer actually wants. We initiated cultural change, and a mindset shift from cost-base to value-base, fully bought in from sales teams up to C-Level. We trained the team and created a basis for continuous improvements.

"Impulssum has quickly become part of our team, and managed to pragmatically introduce a new dynamic price quotation mechanism based on key value drivers." – General Manager
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