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What they wanted:

PAVIS realized that in an ever faster changing environment even the IP management industry would transform and that a customer-centric approach to gain a structural and deep understanding of customer needs would be paramount for long-term success.

What we did

In the first phase of the project, the most important customer journey phases have been identified. From there we focussed on which customer feedback collection methods would fit best to gain the necessary insights. In the second phase, the methods were implemented, providing PAVIS with a structured way to collect feedback along the customer journey. Implementing changes in the CRM system to store feedback was part of the process.

What we achieved

Structured customer insights that are used throughout the organization. And now form the basis for product development prioritization for example. The program also supported a cultural change in that employees now understand how important customer-centric thinking is.
"Impulssum supported us superb along the journey to become even more customer-centric. With their engaged and iterative work style they effectively took the organization along and successfully delivered on the project" – Ramona Maser, Director of Operations
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