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Sales Consulting

What they wanted

A leading global industrial components supplier wanted to become stronger through leveraging both internal resources, as well as external expertise. Specific countries were strong in selling certain products, while others were very strong selling others. The goal was to learn from the success stories, whilst building out the company's ability to structurally understand its customers and approach them accordingly.

What we did

Understand and learn from the sales employees on the ground, what makes them successful and what differs between approaches. We structurally assessed what worked well, translated that into a synthesized approach that could be used by other markets and trained international sales people to be able to start selling the products. Furthermore, we created easy sales tools that allowed to structurally collect data and sell better.

What we achieved

People at the company were very open to share the selling approaches that top performing sales employees use. By bringing the learnings to a central level, creating a forum through which knowledge was shared, and by creating pragmatic structures that would help other sales employees to emulate the successful approach (e.g. through simple sales checklists) we equipped them with clear and implementable changes that led to the team embracing the focus on cross-sales.

"The impulssum team quickly managed to get a good grasp of our complex organization, focussing on what's really important, and created the frameworks and forums to share what was required to take the next step.” – Global Product Manager Services
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