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Selection of our cases
We help our clients become stronger businesses and have worked with many clients. This is a selection of some of our cases.

“impulssum was able to identify all the needed improvement areas and together with them we have been able to create the set-up that allows us to manage these more actively now. Furthermore, they have been very flexible in their timelines to adjust them to our necessities along the project.” – Luciano Cunha, CEO

Touchcast Metaverse SaaS platform

“impulssum took on a challenging task. As a fast growing company many pieces are moving and unknown. They managed to structure the process and deliver our first pricing model to support our target to become the Metaverse communication channel of choice .“ - Amir Avitzur, Chief Operating Officer Touchcast

"Impulssum has quickly become part of our team, and managed to pragmatically introduce a new dynamic price quotation mechanism based on key value drivers." – Tim Ehlert, General Manager, Architectural Products

“Impulssum was able to quickly grasp the essence of our business and engaged well with our different stakeholders, creating lasting impact.“ – Lutgarde Liezenberg, CEO Novagraaf

"The impulssum team quickly managed to get a good grasp of our complex organization, focussing on what's really important, and created the frameworks and forums to share what was required to take the next step.” Laslo Ekres – Global Product Manager Services

"Impulssum was able to quickly understand our business and worked well with our team. Based on quantitative and qualitative data analysis, Impulssum provided key input into our business development work and helped us strengthen our commercial go-to-market strategy." – Johan Ljungberg, CEO

"We needed a Pricing Expert who could quickly grasp our business and deliver actionable insights that could be implemented in a reasonable timeframe. Impulssum delivered all of this in a very cooperative way." – Gerard Delaney, CCO

"Impulssum supported us superb along the journey to become even more customer-centric. With their engaged and iterative work style they effectively took the organization along and successfully delivered on the project" – Ramona Maser, Director of Operations

"Impulssum created a set of easy to use tools for us, enabling timely data-driven strategic decision-making for both Sr Leadership and Key Account Managers. They were able to get buy-in from all stakeholders and establish ongoing flow of information between our different teams." – Nicklas Sandström, Assistant Director Strategy and Insights

"Together with Impulssum, we built a full blueprint for our strategic partnerships work including a large repository of resources for Hive and our strategic partners which we have already put to good use. Also, while still building up the Alliances team, the team from Impulssum acted as my trusted extension arm on all business development topics and provided fantastic allround support." – Ati Serpoushan, VP Alliances and GTM

"Impulssum challenged our assumptions and managed to highlight gaps and opportunities which would have otherwise remained hidden. We are now well equipped to execute on the new strategy." – Jeremy Gould, VP of Sales and part of the Executive Team

We could not have asked for a better team, structuring our problems effectively, designing the strategy and an execution plan to get this transformation underway. Well done Impulssum!" – CONFIDENTIAL

“The team from Impulssum did a fantastic job. This high priority project delivered not only the desired synergies, but also achieved a huge step towards integration, centralization, and professionalization within CONFIDENTIAL.” – CONFIDENTIAL, Chairman of the Board

“Through the project with Impulssum our Management Team had a trusted advisor that helped shape our Customer Centered Commercial vision for the next 2-4 years and also identified the tools necessary to implement it.” – Managing Director CONFIDENTIAL

“The team from Impulssum did a great job quickly grasping our business model and industry, and identifying the right opportunities. They supported us very well in the communication and negotiation phase with our customers during which we could really rely on their structured approach and expert knowledge resulting in a much better than expected EBITDA result."” – CONFIDENTIAL

"Impulssum took our initial promo work and built on it, providing new insights into performance and competitive landscape. In addition, they were able to build on our current promo processes and establish a full blueprint for strategic planning and execution, improving our overall results." – CONFIDENTIAL, Assistant Director Strategy and Insights

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