Customer Stories

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Value Based Pricing Consulting Novagraaf “Impulssum was able to quickly grasp the essence of our business and engaged well with our different stakeholders, creating lasting impact.“ – Lutgarde Liezenberg, CEO Novagraaf
We engaged with Novagraaf to better understand their customers’ needs and subsequently initiated a Value Based improvement program. This program included initiatives such as increasing delivered and perceived value to customers, improving Novagraaf’s price position as well as implementing monitoring solutions which all have been formulated in an implementation plan.
We then also supported the initial implementation phase of the program realizing the set quantitative and qualitative targets, resulting in sizeable EBITDA increase.
  • What did we do?
  • Value Based Pricing
  • Price Changes
  • Customer Centricity
Value Based Pricing Consulting "We needed a Pricing Expert who could quickly grasp our business and deliver actionable insights that could be implemented in a reasonable timeframe. Impulssum delivered all of this in a very cooperative way.” – Gerard Delaney, CCO Equiom Group
Equiom Group
At Equiom we mainly focused on identifying the best way to price their services as well as improving the Account Management approach. We performed various interviews with internal stakeholders and industry experts. We developed an approach to define service packages and respective prices, and a digital quotation process, as well as a manner to push these into the sales and account management channels around the world. We also identified improvements to several other areas to further optimize the business.
  • What did we do?
  • Packaging
  • Account/ Base Mgmt.
Hive Streamin Consulting Value Based Pricing “Impulssum was able to quickly understand our business and worked well with our team. Based on quantitative and qualitative data analysis, Impulssum provided key input into our business development work and helped us strengthen our commercial go-to-market strategy.” – Johan Ljungberg, CEO Hive Streaming
Hive Streaming
Our initial assignment covered the go-to-market strategy of a product introduction. We assessed customers’ needs for a new add-on product and developed an A/B testing approach to identify the willingness to pay. Based on our first assignment we subsequently also supported the development of the commercial strategy in another project, collaboratively creating further insights on overall Customer Value needs which led to a strategic improvement plan that included also an update of the Packaging.
  • What did we do?
  • Value Based Pricing
  • Product Introduction
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Strategy