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Next to selling projects you are also positively contributing to the development of other people working at Impulssum. You represent the core values of the company and lead by example. You are aware that you need to develop yourself as well and are open to an open feedback culture where the intern could give you valuable personal development input. You have a clear area of specialization and you don’t shy away by getting your hands dirty and do the analytics work yourself. Do you also have a passion for developing & coaching people, don’t wait and reach out. Becoming an Equity Partner of the company is possible, in case of continuous good sales performance.

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Project Leader

As a Project leader you will take an important part in our projects. We will make sure to get you up to speed and support you, but at the same time it’s important for you to take your ownership in your projects and structure the work, manage the client and lead other team members on the project. Next to your project work, you would also be vital in developing our more junior colleagues. The combination of entrepreneurship and professionalism drives a steep learning curve.

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As a student it’s important to develop yourself. In a small & pragmatic organization, it is possible to have more impact than you would otherwise have. We’ll make sure to coach you along the way, to make sure you are getting out of your comfort zone to learn, but always with a team behind you to support you in your development.The combination of entrepreneurship and professionalism drives a steep learning curve. Impulssum will provide a unique environment where the Partner gets the coffee for you and not vice versa.

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