Project Leader

Job Description: Project Leader in strategic Marketing & Pricing

Why Impulssum?
Why should you consider working for Impulssum: You can have real impact, combine entrepreneurism with professionalism, develop quickly and make a difference!
Impulssum’s vision is to create lasting impact for our customers. Impact in latin is Impulsum. The name Impulssum derives from the combination of Impulse and Sum. An impulse in classical mechanics is the integral of a force, F (our projects), over the time interval, t (length of our projects), for which it acts. Impulse applied to an object (or company in our case) produces an equivalent vector change in its linear Momentum. We hence, try to set different impulses, where we aim that the sum of all these impulses create lasting impact.

We have 3 major beliefs:
1. Listen to your customers! Listen to customers, really try to understand what they are trying to say (or want) and make sure your entire organization is set-up to deliver on what customers want
2. Work together! A network is always stronger than an individual. In our case, in order to have lasting impact, we need to make sure to really partner with the employees of our customers, listen to them and make sure that all our implementation proposals are fully bought in (which sometimes means we go for a more pragmatic solution, however one that will be implemented and lived by the organization).
3. Be data driven! Discussions and decisions should be as much as possible supported by actual data and insights. Opinionated discussions and decisions should be avoided as much as possible.

We are a boutique strategic Marketing & Pricing Consulting firm that is growing. We are 3 FTE at the moment and looking to fuel our further growth with another senior member of our team. That means also, that you would work in an entrepreneurial environment. You can shape the work at our customers in ways not possible in a big firm and likewise, you can also shape the way Impulssum will do business in a much more impactful way.
Our focus is to become a strong team, hence we believe in a culture of mutual open feedback with weekly feedback cycles that are part of all our personal developments. We work with the Colors Insights system internally and have a quarterly Team day with a Coach helping us to become an even better team.
The main focus of our projects are in the area of Value Based Pricing, Customer Experience, Price adjustments, Portfolio development and Commercial Strategy.

What would you be doing?
We expect you to be able to pick up the following tasks. The longer you are with us, the more responsibilities you would get:
• Create project plans & manage projects or independent workstreams
• Manage project team members, main stakeholders and shareholders
• Create storylines for workshops, workgroups, SteerCos, etc
• Transform insights into Powerpoint presentations
• Lead workshops and meetings
• Collect data (interviews, financial or commercial data, market research, etc.)
• Perform data driven analysis (mainly in Excel)

Who are we looking for?
The preference is to find a Project Leader with ~5 years work experience with potential to grow into a Principal role. You are a people’s person that easily can connect with people from all backgrounds and can put your ego behind the target of creating impact at our customers.
There is no up or out hence in case you feel comfortable on the development level you are currently, it is also fine to maintain there without the pressure to ‘need to learn the next thing’. Parents with part time schedule also welcome (~3 days per week minimum).

A successful candidate would be a person:
• Somebody who fits the team personally, as we are working closely together
• A people’s person that can create buy-in and understanding for our solutions at our customers but at the same time is also a good listener
• Can work with Excel and Powerpoint (no nerd level needed)
• Has a strong business acumen
• Has interest in commercial topics (not necessarily experience in commercial topics)
• Fun to work with
• Fluent in English and Dutch, German a plus
• Strong preference for former Consultants or Industry High Potentials with proven track record who can perform on Top Tier Consulting level (Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Simon Kucher)

What’s in it for you?
• You can make a difference
• You can learn a lot
• You can develop at your own pace, may that be faster or slower – no outside pressure to develop into new roles, while having the opportunity to move as fast as you can
• Good base pay with the possibility for an outstanding pay over the bonus

Job Metrics:
Location: Amsterdam
Contract type: Part-time or full-time (minimum of 3 days per week)
Travel requirements: 10%-40%
Language requirements: English & Dutch fluent, German a plus
Payment: Good with chance for outstanding pay based on company success
Reach out to: Marc Andre Lein,, +31640981285

Ready to join Impulssum?

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